Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of refinishing?

Refinishing wood costs less than re-facing and installing new wood. For example, sometimes when you buy a new house the kitchen cabinets are out of style, but you can achieve that new kitchen look by using the old doors and staining/repainting them. Refinishing them can make old cabinets from the '70s look new again.

How long will my wooden garden furniture last?

If you look after your wooden garden furniture well and regularly clean and refinish it, the longer it will last.

What type of wood stain do I need?

There are some great products specially designed for different wood types, finishes, and applications. How do you choose? We can help you choose the right stain and provide recommendations.

What is the best way to match different coloured woods?

You can obtain a closer colour match by using a product from the same range on each type of wood that needs to be matched. Where possible, it is best to use a coloured coating on the lightest wood and a clear coating on the darkest wood.

Oil is a good option since it penetrates well into the wood, colouring it and protecting it at the same time. Hard wax oil is a superior oil product that is also available in different colours. With oil, you can easily apply a second coloured coat if the match is not close enough after the first try.

An example of matching different coloured woods is to match new pine to old pine: use 1 part clear hard wax oil to 1 part whiskey hard wax oil on the new wood and just clear on the old wood.

What is the advantage of a varnish?

It is hard wearing and it can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth.

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